DIY: Studded Canvas Shoes

This isn't exactly a new concept but I've been seeing studs everywhere and thought it would be fun to customize a pair of canvas shoes. 

 I used high tops but you could use any type of canvas shoes, mine are from The Warehouse and the studs I found on Trademe, but I know you can get them from Ebay as well. The thing I love about these shoes is the fact you can personalize them so much, you could use different colored or styled shoes, use different types of studs or a different layout.

When getting studs you want to make sure they have prongs so you can push them through the fabric, for a secure hold.

Think about the design you're going to put on the shoe some ideas include, covering the entire shoe, a symbol, your initials but there's a lot more you could do.

Then I recommend pushing 2 or 3 studs in the position you want them and bending the prongs in, make sure that when you run your finger over the prongs you can't feel anything sharp, its not pleasant having something dig into your foot! 

Just complete your design and you're ready to go :) 

Katie XO