Keyboard Shortcuts :)

Hey Everyone, today I'm going to show you some of my top keyboard shortcuts, some are pretty well known and others less so. All shortcuts work on Windows using Chrome, not sure about Apple devices or other browsers though. You might see WK and be wondering what it is, I'm referring to the "Windows key" its the one that opens up the start menu at the bottom of the screen for computers running Windows 7 and older, for Windows 8 the button opens up the start screen.

  • Alt+F4~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Closes window/opens
  • Ctrl+C~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Copy
  • Ctrl+V~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Paste
  • Ctrl+S~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Save
  • Ctrl+X~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Cut
  • Ctrl+Z~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Undo
  • Ctrl+Y~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Redo
  • Ctrl+B~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Bold
  • Ctrl+U~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Underline
  • Ctrl+I~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Italic
  • WK+M~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Minimizes all windows/returns to desktop
  • WK+Shift+M~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Opens all windows (opposite of ^)
  • Ctrl+Esc~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~If you don't have a "Windows key" and want to get to the start menu/bar
  • Ctrl+A~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Select all
  • Ctrl+D~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Bookmark current page
  • Ctrl+T~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~New tab
  • Ctrl+Shift+Tab~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Toggle between tabs
Katie :)