SUMMER!!! + Snorkeling?!?

So it’s almost summer, which means going to the beach, catching up with friends and enjoying the sunny weather (hopefully). I’m gonna be posting fun things to do over the holidays, including DIY projects and a list or two of things to do when you’re bored, because if your anything like me that happens a lot over the summer. One of the first things I'd recommend doing if you get the chance is snorkelling. I recently went at a lagoon in Vanuatu (an island in the South Pacific Ocean) and it was incredible, the colours and different types of fish you can see are just amazing. Of course it depends where you are, but islands, lagoons and reefs are all great places to see different sea-life. Again, it depends on where you are, but some of the things you might wanna consider taking with you include- snorkel mask, snorkel (obviously), flippers or reef shoes depending on how rocky it is or if you’re going to be swimming a lot and lastly a wet suit (weather dependent). When you put your mask on you wanna make sure that nothing gets trapped between the mask and your skin, this is so that its completely water tight (I found out the hard way!). Overall, it really is a great experience and if you want to see some extraordinary creatures it’s a great way to do so.