Berry Smoothie Reicipe

Hi, so a while back I said I was going to post some more recipes, particularly drinks so today here's a smoothie one. You can use whatever berries you like, I use a variety but you can use any. I tend to go with frozen berries just because it makes for a cold drink, and you can always have them on hand. If you want to thicken up the drink a bit just toss in a banana. Also you might notice I don't have exact measurements that's because I like to just throw in whatever I've got!

 .... any yogurt will work, I put in maybe, a quarter of a cup

.... usually about one to one and a half cups                       

.... about a handful of berries (I promise they're not all       blueberries!)

.... maybe a tablespoon of honey but it just depends on                personal preference

..... it should end up something like this                                    

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