Music Apps

Hi! Recently I've been posting a lot of DIY projects so today I thought I'd mix things up an tell you my must-have music apps! All of them are available on the app store for free, not to sure about the play store though. The first app is TuneIn Radio, its recently updated and is super easy to use. The app also has a bunch of interesting features including car mode (a very basic mode with big buttons, I find this useful for once I've set up the station I'm listening to and just wanna fiddle with the volume), clock display (not sure why you'd use this one, maybe it's just me?), an alarm (I really like this one, it's quite useful in the mornings!) and a sleep timer (another useful one, especially if, like me you forget to turn the music off if you're half asleep!).
My next app is Shazam, it pretty much jus tells you what song is playing. It requires an internet connection but if you're out and about and don't have access it'll record it and then when you have internet access you can find out what song it was. 
If the fact that you can't play the YouTube app in the background really gets to you Then iTUBE is a must have. Aside from letting you play YouTube videos in the background it does a bunch of different things including sleep mode and you can organise videos into playlists. It's really handy, I mainly just use it for music but you probably use it for all types of videos. 
Last but not least there's 8tracks, like TuneIn Radio it's recently updated and is now really different. The app has different playlists all user generated and the playlists are all tagged with a bunch of themes or genres. This makes it really easy for you to find a playlist you like. You simply pick out two genres/themes and the it suggest a bunch. It's really easy to use and you can even like, comment and favourite playlists! The only downside is that you have to make an account. 
Okay, that's all for my must have music apps thanks for reading 
Katie :)