Collared Shirt!!!

 Hi, as mentioned before in my Practice Makes Perfect here's one of my shirts that was made using pattern 3799. The colour's not really showing up very well but it's just a khaki green shade. This was my second time making the shirt and I did have a few issues putting in the collar. I'm pretty sure it's because I didn't get the front part right (where the buttons are) because there's an amount that you have to push back, so if you decide to make this pattern look out for that. The pattern also has 6mm seam allowances so you can either add on however much or stitch it like that, I added 4mm just to allow for any errors. The pattern also has two pockets but I just decided to do one. At the end of the day I'm pleased with the way the shirt looks and have since made the pattern again.

I really like this outfit and think that the pink crochet top over a black crop top looks really good with the green, the shirt is also quite good to protect your shoulders from the sun. So I just paired that with some light wash denim shorts, and for accessories a studded cuff.