Easy, High Waisted Skirt

A trend recently has been high waisted jeans, shorts, skirts, etc. This inspired me to create my own high waisted skirt, one of the huge bonuses with this is that it doesn't require a pattern! You pretty much just gather 3x your waist measurement of a thin, flowy fabric, then gather 1.5x your waist measurement of the plain fabric (for the underlay) attach both of them to a waistband , put a zip in the side and you're done!
If you're not a fan of zips you could substitute it for elastic, or even use elastic instead of a waistband. For the hem on the printed fabric I just did a rolled hem, then for the plain fabric I just overlocked it normally (you don't really need to fold it up because it's going to be underneath your other fabric and you won't see it). Here's what it looks like...
 Since the skirt is high waisted I usually wear it with a crop top and I think this coral one looks really good against the print of the skirt. I also really like using and long pieces of scrap fabric as a headband or just to tie on my wrist, you can also make hair bows out of scraps.
Katie XO :)