Simple Crop Top

Hello! So today I'm showing you a really simple, easy to make crop top. The sleeves are really easy to put in and the neckline has elastic in it, giving it a pretty cool gathered effect. The pattern has a combination of elastic and cord for the bottom so it can be really versatile if you want it to however I didn't have any cord on hand so just used elastic right-the-way-around. It turned out really well so if you're looking for a quicker finish or alternative, there's my advice! If the idea of double folding to form the casing seems rather daunting to you, then I'd recommend just overlocking and folding up once then stitching. I'd really recommend checking the size (altering if necessary) as I've made this before and found it really short, so hold the front or back pattern piece up and see if its roughly the size you want it (don't forget to allow for all the casings you have to sew), the only thing I adjusted was the length and only by a few inches. It's better to have it too long cause you can always cut it off but you're gonna be struggling to make it longer! Anyways the pattern number is Burda 8517, and comes with a pattern for a t-shirt and dress as well, I've made both of them so expect a post on those sometime soon! Onto the pictures...
And here's the outfit idea, I like to wear crop tops with something high waisted and think that the copper-looking zips and notions compliment the print of the shirt.
Katie :)