Hello! I recently went to Venice for a few days and it was such an amazing place so I thought I'd write a post on it, as well as show you some of the photos I took whilst there!

What really struck me was how different it was to anywhere else I'd been before. Before going there I didn't really realize that there were so many canals and that they really are used as an integrated part of life there. The Grand Canal is the main canal there (you might've got that from the name... who knows?!) and has water boats and gondolas that run along it. Going on the water boats was a great experience and it was really interesting to see how much of an impact the tide had. The thing that, quite possibly stood out the most to me the most was how the building were literally on the canal there was nothing really separating them from the water.

There were a tonne of old buildings and just places that you'd look at and think "there must be a lot of history to this", maybe my judgments a bit biased considering New Zealand's a fairly newly discovered place and it just doesn't have any of the venerable architecture that Venice is packed full of.

The pop of colour that the buildings contained was really inspirational (admittedly the colour and contrast have been fiddled with a little bit in the photos, they were still really impressive though!) and the architecture was stunning.

There were also a lot of quaint little sidewalks and shops tucked away in unsuspecting areas that were fun to discover and bridges that crossed over canals more times than shoe laces cross the tongue on your shoes.

All in all it was an amazing trip in an amazing place.

Thanks for reading,
Katie :)