Winter Post- Technology in Life Today

Recently the weather's been getting a bit colder, I'm not claiming that it's absolutely freezing or anything here cause it's definitely not! In fact compared to other places the weather here could probably pass for summer, today it was 17 degrees (C). Anyway, today I have no idea what to blog about so I put "Blog Ideas"*in Google, it didn't work out so well :) It did however get me thinking about how much I use Google and how much Generation Z*(it's a term I read in the paper, it didn't really specify any years, so I Googled it and it turns out different sources quote it as different times. So I'm just gonna go with people born in the mid 1990's till now) rely on having a WiFi connection.

It's such an integrated part of life, almost anywhere you go you'll see people using some type of electronic device whether it be at the mall, beach, school etc. However all this technology is a fairly new thing, the first cellphone only came out in 1973* that's only 41 years ago and whilst that might sound like forever it really isn't. If you're anything like me you probably can't imagine life without technology, an example of this is earlier today I was doing my homework and writing an essay, if you ignore the fact that I typed the whole thing, I still spent a lot of time on Google. It's so much quicker to type "Define ______" into Google than it is to flick through the pages of a dictionary, so if you want to do things quickly technology can be your best friend.

The internet is also a massive platform for socializing, with the amount of networking sites out there, it's really easy to keep up with everyone. If you think back a generation or so ago not everyone carried around a cellphone (no you don't need to look all the way back to the middle ages!), imagine how much trust you'd need to have in people and how much forward planning it'd take to organize to meet up with someone, especially if you didn't live close to them. Today if you have friends or family members living overseas then chances are you'd connect with them on a social networking platform, Skype or even, just maybe, flick them an email (this one seems to be coming rarer-and-rarer as well), but what struggles would you face if you could only send your mates a postcard, or if you had to write an actual handwritten letter out, go to the post office, buy a stamp and then wait days for the recipient to actually get it?

Technology has presented a lot of changes to how we go about our day to day lives, but is it a good thing? Peoples' lifestyles have become faster paced, hours in a day are lost "socializing" yet amid these many hours you've been alone, staring at a screen, pushing buttons. Is it really better? Has the life of someone who lives in a world where the average teenager spends 31+ hours a week online* really been enriched if you compare it to someone who lived maybe a decade or two ago? If you think about some of the things teenagers today can do and have done on the computer such as writing the code for a programme or making an app, building some software, you might consider it to be ingenious, something that's really skilful yet these same teenagers would consider, say, the mechanics of a car or the concept of dressmaking a highly complicated skill.

Now you might be wondering why this post has been a bit all over the place but I guess what I'm trying to say is that societies' expectations have changed as have what people value. In my opinion speed is something that is incredibly important in life today and there are an abundance of resources that can be used to get this incredulously fast, yet desired pace. That being said, I think that some-days having to resort to "the old-fashioned" way can be much needed (even if it takes something like a power-cut for this to happen!!). One last thing, if you're wondering what all the asterisks are about it represents all the times I had to use Google to find out the information :)

Thanks for reading,