Seasonal Post- Spring 2014

Hello! With spring having started at last I thought it was time for another long-word-ish-ramble-kind-of-rant post. I haven't really made it a "series" as such but I do strive to write at least one "long-word-ish-ramble-kind-of-rant" post every season (I just came up with that name, comment what you think I should call these posts down below!). Anyway I don't really have any direction for this so I'm just going to type and see where I end up :)

I'm gonna start with what I associate with spring, what comes to mind when the season is mentioned? (leave your initial thoughts below!) To me the first signs of spring are when the weather starts to get warmer and the days become longer but it's not quite what one would consider "beach weather". Another thing I think of is all the lamb that you see in the fields and those moments when you have to stop just so you can take a moment to fawn over how adorable they are. Spring also gets me thinking about how I can revamp old clothes and turn them into something I won't be spotted without during the summer (stay tuned cause they'll probably be a post on this one). It also opens up the door to start doing something with all these wonderful fun, floral and funky prints of fabric that I've accumulated over the winter season. With spring you can also start painting your nails and adding a bunch of intricate, cute, super bright designs (for inspiration go follow me on instagram!!) without having to think about how much it'll stand out from your dull winter outfit (maybe this is just me *shrugs*). Last but not least spring is a reason to start pulling out all that awesome, exceptionally, exponentially vivid room decor and photos that you just wanna plaster all over your room just because, well, just because you can!

So yeah, that is pretty much all the stuff I think about when I think of "spring" (this is of course after I picture a wire coil that kind of has a bit of give to it!). I'm actually really pleased that I managed to come up with that paragraph cause I'm naturally a very concise person and don't really tend to write a lot, like in class when everyone's trying to shorten their essays to meet the max word count, I'm struggling to meet the minimum (just a random fun fact I thought I'd throw in!)

Now I'm going to throw in a futuristic side to this post and list a bunch of things I want to accomplish over spring, bearing in mind that it ends on the last day of November I think I'll have plenty of time to complete my list (comment if you're gonna do any of these things as well!). Before I start I just wanna state that it's in no particular order :)

  • Go for a run (maybe more than one, who knows?)
  • Photograph a rainbow (this pic will probably end up on instagram)
  • Do some serious juicing, for like a bunch of consecutive days :)
  • Make a summer garment
  • Bake something (it actually needs to taste good)
  • Go to the beach and once again... you guessed it take a photo :)
  • Complete a massive spring sort out and organise everything (in other words clean up everything I have that's scattered like, everywhere
  • Read a book, you might be thinking this sounds pretty boring and is something I should probably do anyway (if so you were you are 100% correct) but I will also post a review
  • Watch "The Hunger Games- Mockingjay: Part 1" I wouldn't really consider myself a massive fan of this series but I've read all the books and seen the other two movies so, presuming this comes out before December I will endeavor to watch it
  • Finally I wanna aim to write 10 blog posts (at least!) and I'm hoping that having an aim for this will mean that I'll blog a bit more
So there. My list is complete I'll now be able to start ticking things off and maybe even write a post on some of these activities. I feel like this post is now a decent length so my goal is achieved! Anyway, thanks for reading, if you enjoyed maybe follow using that snazzy button that I added over to the right :) but yeah feel free to comment and ermmmm, yeah?! I'm pretty sure there's something else but oh well!

Katie :)