The Power of a "To Do' List

Hi!!! I'm so unoriginal with starting out blog posts, it's not even funny but seriously how are you suppose to start? Anyway, with the recent start of the school holidays I was reminded of something that I did every single day of the summer- I wrote a "To Do" list. Now you might be thinking isn't that if you have stuff that you actually plan to do and I used to think that as well however over the summer of 2013/2014 I found myself wasting a lot of time, having no focus for the day. I would just do random things whenever I felt like it, which of course led to me not doing anything productive with my time.

This is where the "To Do" list comes in, it gives you a certain degree of direction- you know where you're headed with your day. I'm definitely not claiming to plan out my entire day or even do something every day but little things like reading a chapter of a book, clearing you're desk, texting a friend or even writing up a blog post can really add an aim to you're day and result in you feeling like you've done something. 

Another thought that might have crossed your mind is why don't you just do it? Why waste time writing it down? The answer to that one is a) you don't run the risk of forgetting it, if you are anywhere near as forgetful as me this is a big one! b) it literally takes two minutes as soon as you get out of bed to write a "To Do" list which is approximately half the amount of time you spend brushing your teeth in a day! 

So to sum it all up you should at least try writing a "To Do" list, scribble it down on the back of an old receipt or write it in a notebook first thing every morning. Your list doesn't have to be an entire page detailing what you're going to do for every minute of the day, just jot down a few things that, once completed will make you feel like you've done something productive with your day!

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