Trip to Muriwai!!

Hello! So the other day I did some rather interesting things and took a load of photos, so many in-fact that I thought it justified a blog post! Starting off with the morning- in NZ it was the start of daylight savings recently. This is something I didn't realise so, when I woke up it was an hour later than I thought it'd be! Anyway the main thing that my day consisted of  was going to Muriwai. You probably haven't heard of the place so let me fill you in with 5 quick facts!
  1. Muriwai is a surf beach on the west coast of New Zealand and the waves are awesome!
  2. At different times of the year you can see gannets there, they migrate seasonally
  3. There's a bunch of different walks you can do nearby
  4. It's about 40km away from Auckland
  5. It is incredibly windy on the beach!
So there's the facts but I don't think they really do the beauty of the place justice, anyway before I get started with the photos I want to make a recommendation. As you're going to Muriwai, about 20 minutes or so before you arrive, you'll pass a bunch of strawberry fields (you can pick your own if you go at the right time of the year!) and these places also sell strawberry ice cream. It tastes amazing and is definitely worth stopping off for!

Moving on to the photos...

Thanks for reading,