Varsity-Style Jacket!!

Hi! So a while back I made this purple hoodie, it's sort of a pieced together-varsity sort of style thing, wow,that's a mouthful! The jacket is made from cotton fabric and has jersey/knit fabric at the bottom and sleeves. Anyway it isn't lined and depending on the view you make this could be a problem for ya, especially if you don't have an overlocker. If you're in this sort of scenario my solution would be to use flat felled seams, if you don't know how to do these stay tuned 'cause I'll probably post a how-to on them soon. You could even go all out and add a lining! But basically they're the type of seams that you'd find down the side of jeans. The pattern is simplicity 1940 and with that being said here's what it looks like..

For the outfit I paired this white tank top that has a flare of colour down the sides with some light-ish wash skinny jeans. I reckon this would be a perfect outfit for spring or autumn/fall, you could even switch out the jeans for some shorts and wear the outfit in summer, the jacket isn't all that thick (or warm!) and depending on the fabric you use yours' might be different, but it is definitely something to note.

Anyway, thanks for reading,
Katie :)