Nail Painting Routine/Tips and Tricks!!

Hello! Recently I haven't been painting my nails all that much and whilst painting them the other day I was reminded of how much my "nail painting routine" has changed over time. Painting your nails. It sounds like such a simple concept, one which should be easy enough to do, however I personally used consider it somewhat of a challenge; a challenge that has definitely got easier with practice which is why I thought I'd share my tips with you!

When I first started painting my nails I never really saw the point of a top coat or base coat but have since come to realise that they are actually of some importance. A base coat creates a sort-of platform for your nails and evens out the texture, making your colour appear smoother. A top coat on the other-hand almost blends the colour together and provides a nice gloss (or matte) finish, it's also a must-have if you decide to add some nail art as it means that when you run your finger over the nail, you won't feel all those pretty stripes you just painted! If you really don't want to buy both of the products then my advice would be to either get a 2-in-1 top coat and base coat or just buy the top coat because that's, in my opinion unquestionably more essential when starting out.

Moving on to the things I do before even choosing a colour, I find it really important to push back my the cuticles as it means that I don't get polish on them (trust me it looks dreadfull!). I find the easiest way to do this is by just running my hand under warm water then using the other hand to push them back.

Once this is done I like to apply my base coat and the only tip I have here is that you should try to minimize the number of strokes you do as this means it'll be smoother also don't worry if you miss spots in general I don't find it worth going back over them as it ruptures that clean layer.

The next step is putting on the polish, I usually do two coats as it's normally enough to give that nice opaque look. The tips for this act are:
~On the first coat don't worry about it looking good, you just want to start building up the colour
~Remember you can always go back in with the nail polish remover!
~Start at the base of the nail and then go to the tip in one stroke
~Keep practicing (this could be the worst advice ever, but it works!!)
~Try to keep at least one hand on a flat surface, it minimizes the shaking!

Then put on your top coat, I like to make sure that I don't apply too much pressure when doing this as it can leave an indent (which is oh-so-frustrating after you've done all of the above!).

And finally grab your nail polish remover and some cotton buds to get that perfects shape, if there are any particularly stubborn parts I find it's best to hold the remover on the section for a few seconds then swipe it away (rather than ruining everything because you pushed it too hard!)

So yeah, there's the little routine that I follow hopefully it's helpful! :)
Here's some of the products that I used in that picture at the top- 

Top coat- Revlon
Base coat- Revlon
Nail Polish- Nails inc. I got this one from Boots a while back when they were doing a promotion for Colgate and the nail polish was free! I really like the colour but it chipped pretty quickly and in case you're interested the colour is "optic wave".


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