AOTM- Badland | Blogmas Day 19

This months app is a game and one that's been around for quite a while. I was a bit hesitant to write about a game in this series as it's a bit outside of what usually appears on this blog. However, the app is pretty good so I thought why not? :) The game is sort of one of those "tap and go through the level" type games. It really stands out and here's why- 
  • Good graphics- everything looks really sharp and the colours and theme just go really well together. It's refreshing to see something like this in comparison to hit games e.g. Flappy Bird or 2048 which are really simplistic. 
  • Levels- the game has a tonne of levels (I think it's 50 or so?) They increase in difficulty but have checkpoints throughout a level that you can skip (the number of skips isn't limited) which is really handy as it means you don't stop playing just because you're stuck on a level!
  • Multi-player- I really like playing this game with my friends as it's something that is fairly easy to figure out how to play, it can be competitive and you can set it up to play different levels. It's also great because you can adjust the number of rounds and levels that you play to make it suitable for the amount of time that you've got.
  • Makes you think- so many games are just a matter of tapping or switching things around but Badland actually makes you think. Some of the levels are particularly challenging and it really makes a change from some of the other games out there.
I got the game for free ages ago when they were running a promotion. The promotion has since ended :( and the game now costs $6 on the app store and is free on the android store (with in app purchases.) I think the game is worth it as it's the sorta thing you can just have on your device and come back to it whenever you want or whenever you're feeling bored! 

Hopefully you liked this months AOTM post. You might've noticed that I've changed some things on my blog, I'm not really convinced on the background so might change it again soon! Other than that I'm really pleased with how it's come out, let me know what you think!

Check back tomorrow for another Blogmas post!