Blogging Discoveries- Read More Button | Blogmas Day 23

I've decided to start a new series all about the things that I learn about blogging. If you read my "Time Saving Tip" then that's what this is going to be similar to (if fact I'm also going to make that post part of the series!) The series is going to be about relatively simple things you can do on blogger to spice it up. The posts will be whenever I discover something so won't really have a set frequency.

Moving on, this post is going to be about the "Read More" button. Which is great if you write really long posts or have a load of images in a post as it helps the load (haha see what I did there?) time of your home page. Or, if you're like me and show a ridiculous number of posts on your home page (I show 10!) then it helps reduce the amount of scrolling that's necessary! Anyway there were quite a few things I didn't know about adding a "Read More" button, such as a) how to put it in a post :) b) that you could customise the button with CSS ; c) you could customise what it said.

So expanding on those points, it's really easy to put in a post you just insert a jump break, you just click the button  then position the grey bar where ever you want-

There's a tonne of information on how to customise the "Read More" button on Google and there's a whole world of stuff you can do to it! So if you're interested the info's just a Google search away :)

Editing the "Read More" text is really easy, you just go into layout>blog posts>post page link text>type whatever message you want this might make it even easier though- 

Thanks for reading! Be sure to check back tomorrow for the last Blogmas post!! Lastly, let me know if you're going to try adding a "Read More" button to your blog! Annddd (I promise this is the last point!) what you think of my new social media icons :)