Caramel Slice | Blogmas Day #5

Hello! Today's Blogmas post, as promised in my "Spring Post Sum Up" is going to be about making a caramel slice. It's something that I have done recently and it was a very interesting experience, hence I'm writing a whole blog post on it! The recipe I used was from the book "Little and Friday" (the whole book is amazing and is definitely something I'd recommend!) and the slice consisted of three things, a base, caramel and chocolate ganache. So here's what I learnt about making a caramel slice-
  • Caramel can be made out of condensed milk. When I saw this in the recipe I was surprised because I'd always thought that caramel was made from sugar (there was sugar in the recipe, but also condensed milk). However, the caramel turned out to have a nice texture and a lovely golden colour so I'd definitely use the condensed milk recipe again.
  • It takes ages. I thought it would be be a fairly quick process but to make the slice you have to build it from the base up. You also need to leave time for the layers to cool so it is a pretty time consuming process and definitely not something to do if you're in a rush.

So hopefully these these two points were somewhat useful, to sum it all up the slice tasted delicious but took ages to make so I'm not sure I'll be making it again any time soon!

Thanks for reading-