Casual Outfit | Blogmas Day #6

Hello! I've just realised, on Day #6 of Blogmas that none of my posts have been very seasonal. I'm thinking that most of the posts won't be, however, there will be the odd Christmas-y post thrown in. Anyway today's post is yet another casual outfit (I really need to start naming these better! Leave suggestions below?) So here's the outfit-

Casual Outfit

Whistles torn jeans

H M white scarve

The outfit is really casual and the distressed jeans give it that laid back look. The mesh at the top of the shirt adds a bit of interest to an otherwise boring tee. The flannel could be thrown on over-top for extra warmth or tied around the waist just for the purpose of incorporating the colours. A circle scarf, again, has the advantage of added heat as well as looking great with the flannel. The print on the phone case adds a pop of colour and clashes nicely whilst the sunglasses give a chic look.

Hopefully you enjoyed this fashion post, feel free to leave a comment and let me know what you think!

Thanks for reading and don't forget to check back tomorrow for another Blogmas post.