Colours Of The Sky | Blogmas Day 22

It's finally started to look like summer today which is why I thought I'd post an outfit appropriate for the warmer weather. I've named the look "Colours Of The Sky" as the top has blues, oranges, pinks and black in it, all of which appear throughout the day!
Colours of the sky

Billabong blue tank

Tech accessory

I think the colours in the shirt are perfect for a summer day. As they're quite full on the neutral denim shade of the shorts balances things out. For the shoes and accessories I kept it simple, the shoes and shades bring out the black in the top and the necklace just adds a bit of interest. I feel like the phone case matches the top in it's own way (think back to the sky analogy!) without being the exact same. I really like the outfit and think that it'd be perfect for a day at the beach or even just doing something casual. 

Let me know what you thing and make sure you check back for the last few days of Blogmas! 

Thanks for reading-