DIY Photo Frames | Blogmas Day 24

Ages ago, back when I uploaded YouTube videos (I've since stopped!) I filmed a video about these DIY photo frames. The video never went up- I never got round to adding a voice over :) -however, I quite like how the frames turned out and since I haven't done a DIY in forever that's what today's Blogmas post is going to be about. Since I only had footage of the process and no photo's (screen shots just weren't cutting it!) I'm going to do my best to explain what I did to the frames, hopefully it makes sense, if not feel free to comment any questions!

All the frames are from Ikea and they came in the green and blue.

For the first frame all you need is fabric scraps, hot glue and a needle and thread (optional). Start by cutting a rectangular piece of fabric, roughly 12 cm x 7 cm, then fold both of the the long (12 cm) edges. You just want to fold them enough so that the fabric won't fray i.e. not more than a centimeter. Once you've done that you need to glue or sew the fabric down. Then you want to fold both of the short edges towards the centre, then fold in half (all the raw edges should be
enclosed,) then you want to sew of glue down the sides. You should now have yourself a nice rectangle with no raw edges. You want to pinch the middle of the rectangle to form a bow. Glue or stitch this into place. Then, optionally you can get another piece of fabric- perhaps in a contrasting colour -and wrap it round the centre. Finally you just stick the bow onto the frame and you're done! Some other suggestions of mine, using the bow would be to add multiple- maybe cover the entire frame (if you've got the patience!) or add one in all the corners.

The second frame is really simple and only requires nail polish. You just want to flick it in an array of colours, you could get really creative with this but to achieve the look of my frame just build up the colours. Each stroke needs to be light, you don't want the colour to be opaque. I just built mine up over a couple of layers, it was a fairly quick process as each layer dried in a matter of minutes (since the coats were so thin). If you were looking for other ideas you could try adding stripes, writing your name, if you're artistic perhaps paint something on the frame? The options are endless! 
I really like this frame and it was definitely the quickest to make. You just need studs, I had some left over from my "Studded Canvas Shoes" but if you don't have any they're widely available online. The studs that I was using had prongs on the back and, since I didn't want to poke holes in my frame I decided to fold the prongs in on themselves. I then applied hot glue to them and just pushed them on. I tried using other types of glue first but it wasn't working, it was even quite a challenge getting the hot glue to work so I'd definitely recommend holding the studs in place for as long as possible. Again you could change this one up in a lot of different ways e.g. paint the studs different colours or cover the whole thing in studs, arrange them in a different pattern etc.

The final frame is the one that I was most pleased about figuring out as it was quite challenging. At first I tried to stick the ribbon on by its self but it wouldn't stick, which is the reason I spent ages trying to get it to stay! Anyway for this you need organza ribbon (I think it's called,) it's the stuff that you sometimes find wrapped around a cake or tied onto a present. Firstly you need to bundle it up, in the shape that you want it to sit, I was going for a flower but it didn't end up too flower-y looking! Then you need to take a paper clip, unwind it (so you just have a piece of wire) then push it through the centre of the flower. You wanna poke both ends through the front then twist any excess wire so that it remains tightly held in place. At this stage you could either cut the wire or just flatten it out along the ribbon. Finally, just glue the flower in place, hold it for as long as possible and you're done! My other ideas for this would be to use different colours of ribbon and add multiple flowers,paint the edges of the ribbon or cover the entire frame in the flowers!

I really hope you've enjoyed this post, let me know what you think and if you're going to try out any of the frames in the comments! Today is also the last day of Blogmas, thanks for reading the series, let me know which post was your favourite! At the start of Blogmas I said that I was hoping it would be a "good experience" and it has certainly lived up to my expectation. Blogging daily has definitely been a challenge especially since none of my posts were scheduled (I decided to do Blogmas last minute!) and it's shown me just how hard it is to blog so frequently. It has however been a fantastic experience and one that I'm looking forward to potentially doing again next year! Anyway, once again thanks for reading, from here on out my blog posts will go back into the pre-blogmas schedule and my aim is going to be a post every 3-4 days. Merry Christmas!!!