Gathered Dress | Blogmas Day 21

Today I'm doing another sewing post, this time about an article of clothing (you might've got that from the title!) Anyway I made this dress a while back using the Simplicity pattern 2250 (view B). The fabric is a creased-looking, polka dot patterned cotton. I really like the dots as the colour combinations and random-ness of it all comes together and looks really chic!

The top of the dress has a tonne of darts and pleats- which give it that ruched look and added shaping. The bottom part of the dress is gathered and, if you follow the instructions it's gathered quite awkwardly- only certain bits are done- personally I followed the instructions but if you were looking to speed things up you could easily just gather the whole thing in one go.

The zip goes through the gathering at one point and it makes zipping the dress up a little bit awkward which is why I'd recommend trying the dress on before doing any pleats or gathering near the zip. Just because then you can make any adjustments and won't end up needing to unpick like I did :)
I really like the spaghetti straps as they add an elegant feel to the dress however, one of the other views on the pattern is for wider straps so you could do that.

The side pockets are quite handy to have and are really easy to put in but, if you don't like having pockets in dresses then you could just take them out. My last point is that the length of view B is quite short (it would be really easy to lengthen though) so you might want to measure first!

Thanks for reading, Let me know what you think and if you've made the pattern before! And don't forget to check back tomorrow for another Blogmas post!