Spring Post Sum Up | Blogmas Day #2

Hello! Today I've decided to do a follow up post from my "Seasonal Post- Spring 2014", spring has flown by so quickly and I'm finding it hard to believe that today is the second day of summer! I didn't do all of the things on my list :) but will shift any of the things I didn't do on to my summer list. So, in chronological order here's how each activity on my list went.

  • Going for a run- I did manage this one, but it's kind of boring so I'm not going to write anything else about it! (also if I don't write a description of any of the others it's for the same reason)
  • Photograph a rainbow-
  • Juicing- I did do this and my go to recipes are an orange and carrot juice as well as a green juice
  • Summer garment- I made this really cute camo-print t-shirt dress and there will be a post on it soon!
  • Baking- For a while now I've been wanting to try and make a caramel slice, it was a really interesting experience and one that warrants it's own blog post!
  • Beach- 
  • Spring sort out- Done!
  • Book review- This one has yet to happen and is definitely going to be on my summer list
  • Watch "The Mockingjay Part 1"- Something else I can tick off the list!
  • 10+ blog posts- I have achieved this one and to make it super easy for you to have a browse I've decided to leave some handy links below :)
               ~ Current favourites
               ~ The power of a to do list
               ~ Trip to Muriwai
               ~ 6 cute dresses
               ~ Nail painting routine + tips and tricks
               ~ Salads
               ~ Summer outfit #1
               ~ Lined jacket
               ~ AOTM- Evernote
               ~Summer outfit #2
               ~Spring combo
I really enjoyed writing this follow up post and am now thinking about having it at the end of each season. I'm not 100% sure yet so let me know what you think in the comments!

Thanks for reading and be sure to check back tomorrow for another day of Blogmas!