Summer | Blogmas Day 12

Hello! For day 12 of blogmas I've decided to do a summer post. It's pretty much just going to be a summer edition of my spring post (definitely worth you checking out!) If you aren't familiar with the layout of the post, it's just a description of the season and what I like about it followed by my goals for the season. Hopefully that made sense. If it didn't hopefully you get the gist as I continue with this post :)

Anyway, starting with my most-liked things about summer and why it's my favorite season. So, aside from the summer holidays and having a tonne of free time (hence blogmas!) I really enjoy the warmer weather. Everything looks brighter, the days are longer and you aren't trapped inside because of the rain (today's an exception!). I feel like summer allows you to do more and have more things to do. I'm also particularly fond of going to the beach because lets face it, you can't go wrong watching waves crash down onto the beach all whilst inhaling the lovely sea salt air!

My goals for this summer are mainly blogging related as it's definitely something that I want to focus on. There are still a few non-blogging ones though! Anyway I'm really hoping I can tick everything off this list as it'd be great to get around to everything! On to the ambitions -
  • Write a book review- This one was on my spring list but never happened... However it'll definitely be up sometime in the following months
  • Get into a blogging schedule- After Blogmas of course. I want something that's manageable and that allows me to write nice, quality posts
  • Complete my summer sewing goals- I wrote a whole post on this one, you can check it out here 
  • Finish Blogmas- Of course! Really hoping I'm able to do this
  • Start taking better pictures- Some of my blog photos are dreadful so this is definitely something I need to work on!
  • Be better organised- This ones kinda related to getting into a blogging schedule but is still some I'd like to focus on 
  • Experiment with some handwritten fonts- No, not practice my handwriting! I want to test out some of those fonts that are all artsy and creative. In case that didn't explain it, here's an example (I was drafting some header ideas, let me know if you like any of them down below!!) 

  • Write a beach photography post- I did one of these a while back (you can find it here) but I want to do one with better photos :)
  • Change my blog design- Yep, again. I just want to get my blog to the stage where I'm happy with it and can focus on the content rather than code!
  • Make more smoothies- There's so many summer smoothie recipes that I want to try out so now's the perfect time to do so. Smoothies also tend to be fairly healthy so drinking them a tad more often won't hurt!
  • Baking- This was on my spring list as well, but this season I want to try something a little bit different. When looking for something to make I tend to stick with the tried and tested recipes as they're easier, quicker and risk free however, it means I'm not very adventurous. That needs to change! If you have any recommendations as to what I should try and make please comment them below :)
Hopefully you enjoyed this post, check back tomorrow for another one!