Summer Sewing | Blogmas Day #7

Hello! Today's Blogmas post is going to be about my summer sewing goals. I have a tonne of projects that I've been waiting to start or finish off and it just hasn't happened. So I thought that if I wrote a blog post about them, then I'd be more encouraged to actually get sewing! Anyway here's the list-
  • Make a beanbag/pillow- I've had the fabric ready for ages and just haven't got around to making it
  • Overlocker cover- This one's been on the "To-Do list" for a while now and I really need get started since my overlocker getting a bit on the dusty side :)
  • Finish off all existing projects- this might be a bit tough since there's quite a few but I'll give it a shot anyways!
  • Write up more sewing/project based blog posts- I definitely need to get started on this! Most of the time I've got the post ready but just need to take the pictures, hopefully the natural lighting will get me inspired!
I'm hoping I get around to all of these, you can expect blog posts sometime in the near future for them! Thanks for reading-