Blogging Discoveries- Blog Signature | Blogmas Day 17

If you're doing Blogmas and are anything like me, you're finding it very time consuming. Which is why today's Blogmas post is a time saving tip for bloggers. Basically the post is going to be about how to add a signature and social media links to every post from after you follow the steps below. It's what I have at the end of every post and not having to add it for each post has definitely saved me a considerable chunk of time. Anyway here's how you add a signature and social media links-

Start a new post (don't publish it!) and add your signature and links. If you don't want the URL to show then just add a link to the text.

View the HTML of the code then copy it.

Go out of the post and into the "Posts and comments" section of the settings.

Paste the code into the "Post Template"

When you start a new post your signature and links should already be there!

I forgot to mention that this is just for blogger :) Anyway not having to manually add all that at the end of a post has saved me a tonne of time and hopefully it helps you out! Let me know what you think or if you have any questions about the post in the comments. 

Thanks for reading and check back tomorrow for another Blogmas post!