AOTM- Pivvot

Photo cred- snapshot of the game
Hello! Today's AOTM post is about the game "Pivvot," Before I get into that I just wanted to say that due to posting every three days and having a tonne of series I'm going to cut back on the frequency of AOTM posts. This is purely to enable me to do other posts and, for the time being AOTM posts will now be every other month. Moving on to the app, the idea of Pivvot is really simple. You rotate a stick-like-thing clockwise and anti-clockwise along a swivelling path whilst trying to avoid obstacles. Hopefully that made sense :)

Anyway the app reminds me of Badland as it has a similar colour scheme. The graphics are also great and look really crisp. This is gonna sound a bit bad but one of my favourite things about Pivvot is that it ends. Let me expand on that. So many games have the sole aim of beating your high score, which is great to a certain extent. However, something different- Pivvot -is quite refreshing and nice to see.

The other thing about Pivvot is the levels/checkpoints. The game is divided into different modes and each has a relatively short (maybe 10 seconds) checkpoint. The levels are designed to build you into the game, it'll start with one obstacle then give you a checkpoint with a different obstacle, after that the next checkpoint combines both obstacles and so on. The checkpoints aren't too easy either, they increase with difficulty as the game goes on and some of them take a bit of trial and error to get through! I'm not sure why but the short checkpoints make the game really addicting *looks away* so I'd definitely recommend downloading the app then saving it for a rainy day!

I got the app ages ago when there was a promotion running (I think it was around the same time that I got Badland) and it was free. The deal has since ended and the app now costs $3.79 (in NZ and on the app store) but I definitely think it's worth it. I found the game to be completely bug and crash free, the graphics are fantastic, the levels challenging and the game- a decent length. For these reasons I'd definitely recommend Pivvot!

Thanks for reading, let me know in the comments if you've ever played Pivvot!!