Macro Shots | Photography Practice #3

Hello! Today's post is another photography one. I was trying out the close up/macro setting on the camera :) Most of the photos were taken at a park in New Plymouth which is why all of them are very nature-y. I was really focusing on the contrast between the background and foreground, some of them worked, some didn't! I forgot to mention this in my last two photography posts but, none of my photos are edited, on all the previous posts they're straight from the camera! For this post though I have resized them, just because I'm trying to improve the loading time of my blog! Lastly, I've decided to start captioning the photos with my opinion or just something about the picture, anyway...

This pic was taken on the beach, I really like the focus of it and how the backgrounds the same as the foreground!

I don't really like the lighting on this but I'm quite fond of the sharpness between the foreground and background
I really like how crisp the white is with this one
I think the photo captured the colour pretty well although I'm not convinced on the focus of the centre 
I just thought this was kind-of interesting, ya know, the bird eating a worm *shrugs*
This one looks so autumn-ish, which is weird cause it's the middle of summer! I think this would be better if the focus was on the leaves more and less on the grass just so there was some definition
This photo's kinda like the one above but I think I prefer this one. It's really crisp and I think the foreground and background balance is just right
Again, I thought this was interesting and I really like the focus on the shot!
I like the contrast between the blue and white on this but, I don't think the photo's that great, just because the focus is all over the place!
This looked way better in real life! I quite like the colours on the leaf, how it goes from green, to yellow, to brown
I think this is probably my favourite photo, I love the focus and how crisp it is, as well as the detail and cob-web that you can see. I also really like the colour contrast between the green and pink 
I kind of like the focus on this and how the green in the centre of the plant matches the green leaves, which makes the blue pop!
I really like this, the plant's pretty interesting, no idea what it is! But it just looks picture-esque

Let me know what you think as well as if you like the idea of writing up a caption?? Also, I've got a few posts that I want to write up but can't fit them into my "every three day" blogging schedule sooooooo there's going to be another post up tomorrow! The last thing is that... I've got a Facebook page for my blog if you're interested in checking it out, maybe give it a like :) here's the link or you can click the fb button on the nav bar. And, I've just realised that this font is really small, I can't figure out how to change it, sorry!