Never Again.

Hello! I want to start today's post with saying how pleased I am that my blogging schedule has remained in tact for over a month :) If you read my *blogging goals* then you'll know that one of them was to upload consistently and frequently and I feel like I've done that for the past 31 days. Also, side note, I can't believe it's the last day of January, it's flown by so quickly and the weather's been amazing! So, today's fashion post is a casual outfit, it's got quite a few prints in it but I think they all compliment each other well, anyway here it is...

Never Again

Pull Bear print top

Converse sneaker

Chain necklace

Tom Ford cat eye sunglasses

The top is a printed graphic tee and the shorts are just a really basic, dark wash denim. The outfit isn't really in summery colours but I think the accessories really make up for it as they brighten the look. The floral print in the bag makes the outfit more summery and the slightly darker shades means it matches the shorts and tee. My favourite items from the look are definitely the shoes and the necklace. I really like the grey chevron print on the shoes and the rustic look of the key. I think the sunglasses and earrings make the outfit look really chic and they tie all the colours in. Overall I think it makes for a really nice look!

Lastly I just thought I'd let ya know that I've Facebook page for my blog, if you want to give it a like *here's the link* :) Thanks for reading!!

Katie xx