Not Just Stars & Stripes

Hello! So today's fashion post is a little bit different in the sense that it's not just shorts and a t-shirt or jeans and t-shirt :) Although I'm quite fond of that look I've decided to mix things up today. This one's quite a bright outfit so is definitely suitable for the summer months. There's quite a few colours in it but since most of them are pastel shades it ends up coming together nicely.

Not Just Stars & Stripes

Print top

Stretchy skirt

Clyda white crown

Bling Jewelry yellow jewelry

Floral print hat

Polka dot nail polish

I really like the colour of the skirt as it just screams summer. Since the skirt is such a statement but still one colour I chose to pair it with a somewhat neutral printed tee and matching white converse. Without accessories this is a pretty boring outfit, it's bright but quite plain which is why I decided on fairly bold accessories. To start with the simple ones, the watch matches the dress nicely whilst the design of it is still classic and the gold coloured ring looks great with the pastel colours. The next three accessories tie in with each other well and almost add another dimension to the outfit. The mint green in the phone case matches the skirt and watch whilst the blue matches the flag. Although the hat is a different print to the case it has the same colour palette which compliments it well. The last thing is the nail polish and I chose that, simply because it goes with everything, in its own way.
Let me know what you think of the outfit and, if you like pastel shades for the spring and summer??