Photography, Blogging Goals and Happy New Year!!!

I can't believe that 2014 is already over, the year has absolutely flown by! I wanted to write this post as just something for the start of the year. I don't really have a direction that I want this post to go- I mean, I can hardly write an entire post on the difficulty that is writing a "5" instead of a "4" when writing the date can I? -so I'm just going to see what happens. Side note- to spice things up a bit and banish the boring all word post I'm going to add some in some picture I took the other day, purely to break things up a bit! Anyway, moving onto the post! In the past month I've started blogging a whole lot more (blame Blogmas!) and decided that I wanted to change the design of my blog. You might've already noticed but the backgrounds of my posts and widgets is now pink and I've got a line at the bottom of each. Actually, there's quite a lot of lines on my blog now, it's almost becoming a theme! The other thing I've done recently is move the date to the side and add some categories to my sidebar. Oh, and I've made my search bar, blog archive and email subscription bar all look similar. Let me know what you think of all the changes I've made and even if you have any recommendations!

Anyway back on to the topic of 2015. I was thinking about writing up a whole list of resolutions but've decided against it because personally I think NY's resolutions are over rated. Why wait until the NY to do something new, just my views anyway. However, for a while now I've been waiting to write a post about my blogging goals, so that's going to be included in this post. I wanted to write about this after Blogmas as it's kind of more about getting into a blogging routine, anyway..

I feel like with the rush of Blogmas and having to post daily that the quality of my content has slipped. It's definitely something that I want to focus on for 2015 and this leads me into my next point- being more organised with my blog. I've never really planned out what I'm going to blog about, before November when I was blogging every three (ish!) days I just thought up a topic on the day and wrote about it- organised, I know -so the post weren't that well thought out. This year I've decided to plan out all of my posts at the start of the month then plan them out a bit. I'm really hopping this planning makes for improved content as I definitely want to up my game! I've actually already started this and currently have the next couple of months planned out!

I mentioned this in my "Summer" post but I'm hoping to make it a real focus so I'll say it again :) I want to improve my photography. Photos are such a key aspect to blogging and nicely taken pictures can really transform a post which is why I think this ones kinda essential. My last goal for this blog is to update it consistently. In the past I've always had times when I spent ages away from my blog however this year I want to challenge myself to stick with the schedule. There's so much scope to be organised with blogger and I think that with some forward planning and scheduling I'll be able to post every three days.

Something else that I wanted to mention in this post is that I'm starting a few new series. At the moment I'm planning to do a hand-stitching guide, a monthly series that will feature a how-to, examples and pictures of a particular stitch. It's mainly just to incorporate sewing into my blog a little bit more! Both my "Blogging Tool of the Month" and "App of the Month" series will continue as will my "Blogging Discoveries". Recently I started a "Photography Practice" series and am hoping to add to this and mix it up a bit throughout the year.

My final point to this some-what pointless post is that I want to wish everyone a new year. I hope it's a great one! Also, let me know what you think of this post an if you like the way I mixed in some photography!