PicMonkey | BTOM

Photo cred- Screen shot of the site
Today's blogging tool of the month is about a really basic photo editor. When editing photos/making graphics I tend to use a bunch of different editors and, over the next few months my BTOM series will be featuring them. You've probably heard of Pic Monkey, maybe you even use it, it is, after all one of the most popular online editors out there. If you aren't familiar with it then here's what you need to know- Pic Monkey is free, has the basic tools, doesn't require an account (although you can make one) and, if you're after more advanced features, offers a premium (paid) version. 

PicMonkey does all your basics such as cropping, resizing and filters. It also has an extensive collection of things you can add to portrait shots (e.g. blemish removal, lipstick, eyeliner etc.) and a wide array of fun effects.

When editing for my blog the tools I use most tend to be the crop and resize feature. There's a lot of programs that offer these but personallly, I find PicMonkey's the easiest to use. One of my favourite things about PicMonkey is it's auto-correct feature. Now, I'm not saying that it's by any means the best way to edit pictures but, my categories (on the sidebar) and header are hand drawn, when I scanned them onto the computer the colour looked strange and PicMonkey's auto-correct provided a really easy, quick fix.

For ages I was put off the idea of PicMonkey because it seemed a) really basic and b) a pain to use. However, after using it for a while I've discovered that this is not the case! Since PicMonkey is so popular there's a tonne of tutorials on how to use it, which is super handy! If you're looking for a place to start I'd definitely recommend them!

Let me know in the comments if you use PicMonkey or, if you're just starting out, how you get on!

Thanks for reading!