The Geometric Look

Hello! Today's fashion post is a geometric, monochrome, printed look. I really like the busy print with the simple style of the dress. Since the dress is so simple there's a lot of scope to add accessories...

The Geometric Look

Bling jewelry

Forever 21 teal glitter nail polish

The geometric print of the dress nicely compliments the shape of the earrings. The colour of the bracelet and shoes match nicely with the dress and earrings. The blue provides a nice pop of colour and the tie dye effect on the phone case adds to the prints. The nail polish doesn't match it exactly but, since the outfit doesn't have a lot of colour, it works well. Anyway, I really like this look and think it'd be great for a range of occasions, all you'd need to do is switch up the accessories. 

Thanks for reading, I hope you liked the post,