Trip to New Plymouth

Hello! I recently went camping, just south of New Plymouth and it was a great trip! As I mentioned in this post, one of my goals for this year is to work on my photography. So I took a bunch of pictures down there, some of the place and some that were more photography-ish :) Yesterday I uploaded a post with the photography pics (I really need to work on my descriptions!) and you can look at that *here* but today's post is just going to be interesting things I saw in New Plymouth. Instead of writing up a big, long, boring summary of all the photos I'm just going to write a caption. Also, since I'm breaking the schedule by posting two days in a row :) I thought I'd let you know that my next post will be on Thursday.
Mt. Taranaki

Looking out onto the sea!
Looking in the other direction...
The power cables were sort of in the way for this shot but, instead of just ya know, moving a few metres I decided to try and work with them! I really like how this came out though, the cables frame it quite nicely!
A local store, I thought the sign was interesting :)
Aren't these ducklings cute??

Outside a local coffee shop
I really like this painting, it was on one of the buildings in the middle of the city and, it just looks good!
This was really close to the park where I took most of the *macro shots,* it was pretty interesting
This was the view from the tent!
Also the view from the tent, just in the sunset
I really like this shot, I'm kind of obsessed with the silhouette :)

The sky looks really blue in comparison to the mountain!
 Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed the post, let me know in the comments!!