Geometric Nail Art

Hello! Over the summer holidays I decided to try out some nail art. I've done some other posts with different designs in the past and if you want to have a look just click here and here. This design was really simple, I just painted my entire nail a shade of light shimmery pink then, once it dried I drew two white lines then two blue and so on. It took forever because I had to wait for the colours to dry, anyway I'm pleased with how it came out, if I were to do it again (highly unlikely!) I'd probably paint my nails white instead of pink, I just think it would make everything pop more. Also, bit of a side note, some of the nails don't look particularly sharp and look sort of smeared... I forgot to take the pictures on the day I painted them so.. yeahhhh :) Anyway I promise I'm really not that bad at painting my nails! Here's the look...

Just ignore the nail in the middle :)

I hope you enjoyed this post, hopefully I've inspired you to break out the nail polish :) Let me know if there's any nail art trends or looks that you've been loving lately!!