How I Schedule Social Media Posts | BTOM

Hello! The topic of scheduling any social media posts can be slightly controversial, especially for twitter. Tweets are sort of "in the moment" however, blogging can be really time consuming, which is why I like to schedule mine. Now, I'm not saying that I schedule all of them, just the ones that "promote" my blog posts. I find it really beneficial and it helps me keep on top of things. I know in last months BTOM I said that I was going to be doing photo editing apps for a while (and I still will be!) this ones going to be the exception to that :) 

Today's blogging tool of the month is Buffer. A while ago I was looking for something to schedule my tweets with, and, after quite a bit of research I found out that some of the most popular applications are "Hootsuite", "Tweet Deck" and "Buffer". After a bit more Googling I settled for Buffer and haven't looked back since. At first I was a bit hesitant as Buffer requires more "App Permissions" than you would have thought. However, I read up on it a bit and no one seemed to have had any issues, which was enough for me. I haven't encountered any problems, so fingers crossed it stays that way! Like I mentioned before I haven't tried out any of the other social media managing apps and I think post would be a bit biased if I didn't point that out. I've only used Buffer, so for all I know Hootsuite could be much better but, that being said, Buffer does everything I require so I see no reason to change.

Moving on to what it does. Buffer allows you to schedule posts for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google +. Personally I only use it for Twitter, just because you can schedule Facebook posts on Facebook, my blog isn't on LinkedIn and I don't really get Google + :) When you make an account you can post to one social media profile for for free and you can schedule up to 10 posts. Buffer, like a lot of other services, offers link shortening, I don't fully understand this but basically, you use a link shortner through Buffer, then it tracks the link and tells you how people "interacted" with it. In other words, if they favourited, RT'd or clicked on it. This can be quite handy since you can set it up so you receive an email each week telling you your "Top Tweets" i.e. the ones that got the most interaction. The last feature of Buffer that I'll point out is that you can customise what time and which day your posts are posted. The free plan limits the options for this a bit but it's still usable if you play around with it. I really like this feature as you can adjust the times so they coincide with twitter chats!

I really like Buffer, it has a really clean and aesthetically pleasing layout, is super simple to use, and has a tonne of features. Most of which are free. I think if I ever really get into blogging, I'll probably see the need to upgrade. It's not overly expensive and you do get a lot, so maybe one day... Anyway, Buffer has my full recommendation and if you're looking to start scheduling your social media then I definitely think it's worth a shot! 

Let me know if you try out, or if you already use it, what you think! Bit of a side note, I recently made a StumbleUpon account and if you're interested in following my username is zzandh :)

Thanks for reading,

Katie xo