Summer Sum Up!!

Hello! I can't believe summer's over, in like, a day. It's flown by super quickly and with it the summer holidays have been and gone. Tragic, I know. Anyway, with the end of arguably the best season comes a seasonal sum up. I've decided to make this post a combination of my *sewing goals* as well as my *summer goals*. Over the summer one of my big blog goals was putting my blog out there more. I mainly did this with social media, bottom line is, my blog's now on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google + and StumbleUpon. Now I've typed all of them up it seems like a lot! Anyway feel free to click on them as I've left a link to my profile :) Since there were quite a few goals I'm just going to get started...

Starting with my summer goals, in no particular order, they were...

Write a book review... I finally got around to this one and reviewed "Double Digit" by Annabel Monaghan, click *here* if you want to read the full post! Gotta admit, by just writing this I'm feeling quite accomplished since posting a book review was on my spring goals as well!

Get into a blogging schedule... I surprised myself a bit with this because... well... being organised   and on top of things isn't really my thing. That being said, I've managed to post every three days since January. Pretty shocking, right? I didn't think it would happen either!

Finish Blogmas... This was tough. Like really tough. Anyway, looking on the bright side, I             managed :) I think I've mentioned this before but doing Blogmas was a bit a  of a spur of the moment type thing for me. Now, I'm all for being spontaneous, the whole "go with the flow" moto sums me up pretty well, however, I really wish I'd scheduled some posts! It would've made things a whole lot easier...

Take better pictures... I think I'm getting there, ish... I did, however do a bunch of photography posts and if you want to see them click here, here, here or here. Each "here" goes to a different post☺

Be better organised... hahaha errrrr... welllll I can explain? It's kind of happened, like ever so  slightly but, realistically, I didn't expect anything to change (wow, I'm great at achieving goals eh?) so really, I far exceeded my own expectations :)

Experiment with some hand written font... Yep, can tick this one off. If you want some proof them look at my header or any of my categories ☺

Write a beach photography post... This happened... Click *here* for the evidence :)

Change my blog design... I'm really pleased with this one. I've changed my blog design a lot, all of it was done by me (and my best friend, Google!) and it was fantastic experience. I mean, at the time I almost gave up on blogging because code really doesn't like me! However, looking back, it's something that I put a lot of time into and got some pretty awesome results from. Like I said before, I've done a tonne to my blog, some of the main things being: 1) that really snazzy navigation bar, the one that moves when ya scroll down the page :) 2) the colour behind all my posts and the sidebar as well as the line at the bottom 3) the pink share buttons at the bottom of every post (feel free to use them!)

Make more smoothies... I go through spells where I'm really inspired to make smoothies and then   spells when I'm... not so inspired? That being said, I did make a fair amount of drinks over the summer!

Do more adventurous baking... I did this... a little bit... I made a caramel slice which was a really interesting experience, so I wrote a post about it ☛*here*

Moving onto the sewing goals...

Make a beanbag/pillow... Done! Since this post is already getting a tad on the long side I won't go into any detail. But, if you want to know more *here's* the post about it.

Overlocker cover... Soooooooo this didn't happen! I just never got around to it so I guess I'll stick it on the autumn goals list :)

Finish all existing projects... Another one that didn't fully happen. I got around to starting and finishing some projects that I'd been wanting to do forever. But I didn't really finish anything!

Blog about sewing more... I like to think I've done this! I'm dedicating at least two posts a month to sewing, so... yeahhh :)

And that's all. Finally. It was a very long post, by my standards anyway! I hope you enjoyed it, let me know how you got on with your summer goals!!