The Oversized Hoodie

Hello! Today's post is a sewing one, it also happens to be one that I'm particularly fond of. Starting with a side note, please ignore the date stamps. I forgot to turn them off on the camera and didn't want to edit them out!! :) I don't really have much else to put in this intro so I'm just going to start! 

Starting off with the pattern. Since it was such a simple design I didn't want to have to buy a pattern, it just didn't seem worth it. So instead I dug out a pattern for a hoodie, the only problem being that it was this 80's style, funkily colour blocked type thing with really tight cuffs. I ended up having to sticky tape things together and add a bit to the cuffs. It all ended up working out well! I was going for that really oversized look and I think the long, drop-sleeves helped achieve this.

The fabric is a really light weight jersey and I think this is why the jumper sits so nicely. I actually used the fabric to line a high-lo skirt, the only reason I used it for that was because it was the right colour and super cheap. From memory it was only $4 a metre! Whilst working with it to make the skirt I found it had a really nice feel and it was great to work with so I went back to buy more!

The hoodie was extremely quick to make. Once I'd fiddled with the pattern it took about an hour. I credit this to the fact that I only overlocked the seams. Since the fabric was so easy to work with this method worked amazingly. I also adjusted the tension so that I got a slightly gathered effect on the sides which I think looks quite unique. There's not many seams in the garment and the sleeves weren't curved so that probably contributed to the speediness of it all as well. 

The last point I want to make is that I really enjoyed making the hoodie. It was one of those quick projects that just turned out really well. The fabric, style and fit all turned out how I'd have liked them to, so even if I made the hoodie again I don't think I'd do anything differently. The other reason I enjoyed making the garment was because it mainly used the overlocker. Usually overlocking's just something I do because I have to, but lately I've been putting lining in almost everything and my overlocker's been collecting dust, so it was nice to get it back into action!

Thanks for reading! Let me know what you think of the post!!