Autumn Goals!!!

Today I'm getting around to writing up my autumn goals post. I don't really have a ton of goals for this season, mainly because I want to focus on working hard on the ones I do set. Quality over quantity, right?

- Stay on top of my blogging schedule. This one's been on my last few lists but is something that I really want to keep up with. I want to focus on writing, drafting and scheduling posts when I've got time and then maintaining the number of scheduled posts. It's a habit I want to get into as I'm hoping it'll mean I'm a lot more organised with my blog in the long run.

- Vary the content on this blog. At the moment a lot of the posts are just series and it feels like the same types of posts are going up all the time, which is why I want to branch things out with my blog and be more spontaneous with the topics. I'm not saying that I'll stop any of my series, I'm just going to post them a bit more sparsely.

- Include more wordy posts. I've got a ton of posts that are just images, take my fashion posts for example, I've recently changed it so it's just the outfit- reducing the amount of words required for the post. I'm all for just having picture posts but I feel like some posts need an extra paragraph or a basic description as to what it's about. It depends on the post but usually I aim for 500-600 words and over the next few months I want to work on this reaching this for all my posts.

- Start making some graphics as titles for blog posts. I'm absolutely dreadful at this one, however it is important. Especially since Bloglovin' is becoming more and more popular and your chances at having a post viewed with an empty thumbnail aren't particularly great. I don't have anything against making graphics it's just that I'll write up the whole post and then just want to post it rather than spend the time to put some images and text together.

- Make a recipe (and blog about it!) with cinnamon... and maybe apples. It's such an autumn-ish combination that it'd just be bad not to do this! Plus, there hasn't been many recipes up on the blog lately. Now that I'm thinking about it, apple and cinnamon muffins don't sound too bad...

- Make an overlocker cover. You might recognise this one from my summer sewing goals, if you read the follow up post to that then you'll know that it didn't happen :) sooooo I'm just going to stick it on this list 'cause my overlocker is still collecting dust!!

So that concludes my autumn goals, most of them are blogging related but oh well :) Let me know if you've got any goals for the autumn (or spring!!) in the comments!!

Thanks for reading,