FotoFlexer- BTOM

So a while back I said that I was going to do a bunch of photo editing related things for my BTOM posts. Then the next BTOM post was something entirely different. Hmmmmm. Not 100% why I decided to make my second supposedly photography based post... not photography based?? But anyway, hopefully things are back on track :) Today's post, as you might've guessed by the title, is about FotoFlexer. If you aren't aware of what FotoFlexer is, it is, to put it simply, a photo editor. And I should probably mention that it's pretty good, it even goes as far as to claim that it's "The world's most advanced online image editor". Whether it is or not is.. debatable. 

The thing I want to start this post with is what I actually use FotoFlexer for. Because, to be honest, I'm that person who use 101 different apps to edit a picture that could have been edited just as well with one. I promise it's as inefficient as it sounds :) However the reason I do it is because there's certain features of particular apps that I like. Often there's only one or two things that I'll use an app for but, every time I want to do those one or two things I'll come back to the said app. I just realised. I'm getting really off topic. Anyway the jobs I use FotoFlexer for are: transparent-ising things, or changing the colour of something.

Now, you might be wondering why on earth you'd ever need to make something transparent, especially if it has a white background, right? If you happen to use blogger then perhaps you'll know about the grey tint it automatically adds to any white background. Maybe it's just me but when I was designing my blog I had a ton of difficulty with this, and then, after numerous Google searches (to no avail) I finally thought 'well what if I just change the colour to the grey/off white?'. You might've guessed this, but it didn't work. Well, I mean, it worked but my blog looked awful the colour was completely off. Which was when I decided I'd try making the background transparent. So I was searching for something to "add" transparency with when I discovered FotoFlexer. There's probably other sites out there that do the job but this was what I stumbled across and it's just sort of stuck. 

So the other feature I use- "Smart Recolor" -is super useful if you're making graphics. I think I mainly used it when I was making my social media icons as I kept chopping and changing between the colour I wanted the actual icon to be. Since it was an image I couldn't just "fill" it so the Smart Recolor feature helped me achieve the look I was going for. Basically with the Smart Recolor tool, you just colour in the part of the image that you want a different colour, push a few buttons, and it's done. It's ridiculously easy. 

So I hope I've encouraged you to give FotoFlexer a shot, let me know if you do!! Also I'd love to know what photo editing tools you use?!