Stem Stitch | Ultimate Stitch Guide

Hello! Today I'm posting the third part of my Ultimate Stitch Guide. If you missed the previous two posts click *here* to see the one on running stitch or *here* to see the back stitch, let me know what you think!!

So if you aren't sure what stem stitch is it's the stitch in yellow, on the title image of this post. The stitch is mainly used for decorative purposes as the back of it doesn't look particularly good. It's quite a bit harder than the other stitches that've been in this series but once you get the hang of it it's not too bad! Anyway moving onto how you do it...

Start out by going forwards then backwards, make sure you're holding down the thread with your finger as it helps the stitch look nice...

Repeat! Make sure you continue to hold the thread down.

You should eventually end up with something like this... and, I forgot to take a picture :) but the back will look like a very messy running stitch/back stitch type thing.

Onto the examples... As I've mentioned in previous posts all of these were made ages ago :)

The red stitching in the middle
The three spirals-ish things in the middle

The yellow stitching
Hopefully this post was somewhat useful! Let me know if you have any questions about the stitch or what stitch you'd like to see next! Thanks for reading!!