Why I Blog

So recently there's been a whole lot of these posts going round. There's also been a tonne of "Dear Future Self" types of things. And the whole concept of writing about the moment sort of got me thinking, will the reason I blog at now be different from why I'm blogging in a year? Will I even be blogging then? Either way I thought it might be nice to write this post. 

When I started out blogging it was because I was bored. I used one of the default blogger templates, was too scared to even look at the code, and struggled to write a hundred word post. If you need evidence of this then my blog archive is over to the right, in the sidebar ☛ 

Anyway, this post isn't about why I use to blog, it's about why I do blog. To be honest there's a whole bunch of different reasons, the main ones though, are- to keep a record of things, learn to improve my coding and graphic making abilities and develop my writing skills.

So you always hear about how everything you put on the internet leaves a mark, about how you can never erase it, about how permanent it is. You know, all that stuff about leaving a digital footprint? Now, in many aspects that's absolutely terrifying, but I think there's something to be said for having posts that you can look back on. Blogging is essentially a diary, one that's pretty hard to lose and I think that looking back, even on posts that were written a mere two years ago is fantastic. I can see how far my blog has come, how the post content has changed, how appalling my proof reading skills were or even how I've improved at sewing! So I guess what I'm getting at here is that part of me blogs so that I'll have something to look back at in the future, the more time and effort I put into this hobby, the more accurate a representation it'll be of me.

If you blog and design all the stuff on your blog, then you'll know just how much work it takes. As someone who started out blogging with zero coding experience I now know how much time and effort these things can take. It took me the best part of a month to get my site looking like it does at the moment and I'm still not sure that I'm 100% happy with it (maybe it's just because I'm fussy!!) but I think this is good, purely because it means that ZZ&H is constantly changing- evolving, if you like. Every change gives me the opportunity to improve, whether it be making better social media icons or having to enlist the help of Google to learn some code, it all contributes.

I've mentioned this in previous blog posts but I'm a very concise person. Writing a lot of words really isn't my thing but it's sort of a useful skill to have, which is where the blog comes in. Reading a post of under a hundred words isn't all that interesting which is why I almost always set myself a goal of 600+ words. It's not a ton but it's definitely making the posts more wordy and, in my opinion more interesting. 

So I hope you've found this post somewhat entertaining. If you've got a blog then I'd be really curious to know the reason as to why? Feel free to leave it in the comments!! 

Thanks for reading,