Clickable Comments #bloghack

Hello! Recently I've been completely and utterly neglecting the majority of the series that I've got going on my blog for a few reasons- 1. I was being spontaneous 2. I didn't really have time and 3. I had other post ideas. Anyway the ultra inspired vibes have faded :) so today's post is a blogging discovery and one that I'm hoping will be super useful.

I'm sure you've been scrolling through the comments of a post before and then you've realised that some of the links people have left are actually links and not just URL's. In other words- you can click on the link and actually go to the website. This post's gonna be about how to do it because it's really useful.

So it depends on what commenting system the blogger's using because Google+ and Disqus are awesome and make the link work but Blogger comments often require a bit of HTML code. It's nothing too major and there's a pretty simple formula you can use and then just copy and paste in the future. The code is...


So the <a> is used to say that you're putting a link in and the href part is to say where you're links going. If you want to learn more about the <a> tag then here's a good resource (it's also an amazingly helpful website!!).

Your blog URL needs to be the full http:// type of thing and the text here is what you'll see- it can be the URL (with or without http://), name of your blog or whatever else you want :) Here's an example of what I'd use for this blog...

<a href="">ZZ&H</a>

Feel free to copy and paste the code but make sure you aren't using it for G+ or Disqus comments cause then everyone's gonna see the code!! 

Let me know if you've found this useful or if you've got any questions in the comments!!

I recently looked at my blog on Bloglovin' (ya know, to see how many posts I'd forgotten to add an image to :) ) and realised that I'm really close to 100 followers :) sooooo if you're looking for a way to follow ZZ&H... 

Anyway, thanks for reading!!