The T-Shirt Dress

Sewing: The T-Shirt Dress

I feel like I haven't put a sewing post up in ages so here goes. Today's garment is one that I learnt a lot from making and one that definitely could do with being made again. It was made from a pattern that had to be altered a ton, as the original was this 60's style shift dress with a bunch of unflattering pleats. That being said the basic shape of the dress somewhat resembled the look I was after so altering the pattern wasn't too big a deal.

One of the biggest problems that I ran into when making the garment was the sleeves. The pattern hadn't been adjusted too accurately :) and they didn't fit that well. I'd planned not to have any visible gathers but there was too much fabric so I had to make a slight adjustment, which pretty much resulted in chopping part of the sleeve off. 

So one of the main features that I wanted the dress to have was a chunky, metal, heavy-looking zip at the back. And, as you can probably tell from the shot above, it didn't happen. Turns out, chunky, metal, heavy-looking zips are hard to find. Especially those long enough for the back of a dress. My backup option was to use a black invisible zip that I'd had floating around for a while, it doesn't really add much to the overall design but it means I can get the dress over my head.

Please, please ignore the date stamp on the photo, I completely forgot to turn it off when I was taking the pictures and I couldn't really figure out a way to neatly edit it off this one! Anyway, the numbers were one of the other big features of the garment. Since I was going for a pretty casual look I decided to use a big zigzag stitch and then kind of pull on the edges slightly, to create that rugged effect. Out of all the ideas I had for the dress this is definitely the one that I'm most pleased with the outcome of. I think it really adds to the garment and provides a nice sort of contrast.

Something else to note about this is the hem. It's shorter at the front and has a slight slit at the side, which, to be honest, doesn't look all that great. Now I think the reason for this is the fabric, it's just too thick. The elastic, cotton-ish blend doesn't really flow or sit nicely which just makes the dress look awkward, and is the main reason I want to make the garment again. The only thing about this though, is that I really like the print. The faded khaki shades go with virtually anything and you can really pair the dress with whatever (below!). 

The final design feature was the stripes at the bottom. They're made from this cotton tape I managed to find and were surprisingly easy to sew on. They moved slightly but, unless you get out a ruler, you can't tell that they're not quite straight! :) As I mentioned before the dress is super versatile and for this post I just paired it with some combat boots, a studded bracelet and some colour blocked sunglasses. I definitely think that the accessories pull the outfit together and add a bit of colour.

So that completes the post! I hope you enjoyed it, be sure to let me know what you think of the dress!!