Wild & Free

Hello! So I haven't posted in quite a while, purely due to the fact that I've been really busy! Anyway I'm going to stick with aiming for a post a week, except this week there might be two, to compensate, ya know?

Moving on to the actual post, you might've gathered this already but it's a fashion one. I think it would be perfect for spring or autumn purely due to the fact that you could either adjust it to be warmer or cooler with minimal effort.

Wild & Free

The top is just a slogan muscle tee and looks really nice and flowy, possibly slightly cropped- can't really tell. I paired that with a pair of high waisted, distressed, dark-ish wash jeans but if the weather was slightly on the hotter side you could easily switch these out for shorts. For shoes I just added combat boots since they go well with the t-shirt.

The accessories all watch the outfit in some way and since yellow nail polish seems to have been a trend lately I've thrown some of that in there as well.

I think the outfit would be perfect for a casual day as it looks put together but not that put together if you get what I mean? Anyway I also wanted to mention that if you want to see more fashion/style related things from me then you can check out my Polyvore account.

Thanks for reading!!

Katie XO