Blanket Stitch | Ultimate Stitch Guide

Hello! Today's post is going to be the final (ish!) part to my USG. As you might've guessed by the title it's all about blanket stitch!

So for a slither of history- blanket stitch use to be primarily for the edge of blankets (who'd have guessed?) and was done around the edge of the whole blanket. It is still often done around the edge of things but for the purpose of this tutorial I've just done it in the middle of some felt.

If you're using blanket stitch around the edge of your project then you just need to substitute the second point that the needle is in for the top of your fabric- the needle doesn't need to go through the fabric. 

With that being said, here's the guide...

Thanks for reading!! Let me know if I've missed any stitches in my USG or if there's any others that you'd like to see!!