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Time... It's a concept, a thing, something we're always conscious of, but how would you define it? According to dictionary.com it's a distinctive period, so on that basis, time is a concept that can be anything you want and that's exactly what I'm getting at. Time leaves you with an endless amount of possibilities, a million and one things you can do and an infinite number of things you can't, because let's face it, there's twenty four hours in a day and there's nothing you can do to change that. In my opinion you can take this two ways: 1) be a glass half empty type of person and do the bare minimum or 2) look on it as twenty four hours, seven days a week, fifty two weeks a year that you've got to do something. That something though is the undefined value, it's the variable that is 100%, fully dependent on you, but it's there and that's what matters. As someone who likes to make the most of their time and fill their schedule to the brim I don't see why you would waste time. I mean, sure, I'm all for relaxing and chilling but knowing that I've gone through a day and haven't done anything productive, for me, that's the worst. The way I like to look at it is that if I make the most of any spare minute that I've got all that can happen is it helps in the future. There's nothing to lose. Even spending as much as ten minutes a day on something can drastically improve what you've done with your time. If you spend ten minutes a day, say, learning a language you'll get so much more out of that ten minutes compared to if you'd just watched TV (also, if you're looking for a site/app to get you started then I'd highly recommend Duolingo!!). I think that what I'm getting at is that there is so much that you can do with your time, the world is your oyster, so why waste a second? 

So now you've got to the end of this post you might be thinking "what?" and you'd be right to. This sort of deep, philosophical (well, by my standards anyway) post isn't what usually appears on here but I thought I'd try something new. Hopefully it's somewhat motivational, anyway, be sure to comment and let me know if you like this sort of post and whether it's something I should do again? 

Thanks for reading!! 

Katie XO