Weekend Waffles & Blog Update

So I haven't been posting that much lately since I've had a tonne of assignments/essays/wordy projects that had to be done for school, and lets face it, there's only so many words you can write without going insane! That being said I have still been blogging and you might've noticed but I've completely revamped the look of my blog. I'm not 100% finished yet cause the sidebar still need sorting out, but the bulk of it is definitely done, let me know what you think or if you've got any suggestions!! Anyway, my focus has now switched to the content on my blog so expect a lot of new posts coming soon :) 

Moving onto the waffles... I've never made them before but they were surprisingly quick and easy to put together. I used this recipe (warning- it made loads!!) and the waffles tasted great. To be honest I didn't have particularly high expectation purely due to the waffle maker but it worked, and I'll definitely be making some more waffles (and not just because there's tonnes of leftover waffle mix!)

Thanks for reading!! 

Katie XO