Anchored {Fashion}

Recently I realised that I haven't done a fashion post in ages, mainly due to the fact that I've had a tonne of other things to blog about. Well, that, and the fact that I might've forgotten to :) Anyway as per usual this one's a fairly simple casual outfit...


The sweater and trainers make the look a bit sporty, which seems to be a trend at the moment. Talking of trends, distressed jeans seem to be everywhere so that's been incorporated in the look. The scarf's there for warmth, the bag looks very minimalistic but sort of vintage-y at the same time, the phone case just kinda goes with everything and the lip balm, to be honest, just fills up some space :) 

So that's everything, if you missed my last post it was about starting an Etsy store, if you're interested here's the link!!

Thanks for reading,

Katie XO