DIY Jewelry Holder

Hello! Today's post is probably one of the easiest and quickest DIY's out there, that being said it's super functional and still looks good. It's decorative, organised and space-friendly, what more could you want from a jewelry holder? 

All you need is a cork board- I used an old one then painted the edges, some drawing pins- you can find some really unique ones if you shop around, or just do what I did and just use the regular kind (you could even decorate them!). Lastly you'll need something decorative. I had a couple of IKEA measuring tapes lying around but you could easily use normal (soft) measuring tapes, decorative tape, ribbon or something similar. The only real requirement is that you can stick a drawing pin through it. 

To get started measure the width of your cork board then cut your decorative item accordingly. I'd recommend adding five or so centimetres so that you've got enough room to keep your edges tidy and folded over. 

Then, you just put the pins in (over the tape measure), spaced out according to what kind of jewelry your storing. The really useful thing about using tape measures is that you can space it out exactly the way you want. The downside to using IKEA tape measures though, is that you've gotta be really careful where you put the pin, because if you move it, you'll be left with a hole :)

Anyway, the jewelry holder I mad ended up looking like so...

Let me know in the comments if you try out the DIY or how you store your jewelry!!

Thanks for reading

Katie XO